Broken Phones

While You Wait Service

Full Service Authorized Nextel and Sprint PCS Repair Center

Mon-Fri 10am-8pm
Saturday 10am-8pm

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What It Covers & Cost

Walk-in Service coverage is available in three levels:

Level What’s Covered Pricing
With Out ESRP
ESRP Pricing Turnaround Time
Level 1

  • Software customized
  • Device unlock/reset
  • Antenna replacement
  • Cleaning

$15 per phone, per incident

No Charge1

While you wait 2

Level 2

  • SIM replacement
  • Button/keypad replacement
  • Speaker replacement
  • Vibe motor replacement
  • Microphone replacement
  • Charging/Data Port
  • Exchange due to level 2 issues 3

$35 per phone, per incident

No Charge1

While you wait 2

Level 3

  • Hinge replacement
  • Flip/housing replacement
  • LCD/touch screen replacement
  • Camera replacement
  • Wireless data card replacement
  • Exchange due to level 3 issues 3

$55 per phone, per incident

No Charge1

While you wait 2

How to Get It

Contact a Service & Repair Center for complete program details.

30-Day Service Guarantee

If your phone exhibits software or hardware defects within 30 days from the time of the original repair, take it back to the Service & Repair Center or Retail Store that performed the original repair. The center will either repair your phone or replace it at no charge. Whether to repair or replace the phone is at the center’s discretion.

  1. The Equipment Service & Repair Program does not cover damage beyond repair, liquid damage, cosmetic damage that does not effect phone function, or damage resulting from customer misuse or abuse. Not all units are eligible for the Equipment Service & Repair Program. Cancellation of the Equipment Service & Repair Program will take effect at bill date following notice of cancellation.
  2. Returns phone to you within turnaround time provided by the Repair Center (excluding weekends and holidays). Some repairs may require additional processing time.
  3. Not all phone models are eligible for Level 2 Handset Exchange and may fall under a Level 3 repair; consult your repair technician.