All Toll Free Phone Calls Are Free
Because you use “air time” to call a toll free number from your cell phone, a fee is charged, and more than one may apply. Read your contract or check with your provider before making that toll free call.

Plan Changes Are Impossible
Cell phone plans have numerous options, and many companies are willing to make changes from one plan to another free of charge during the length of the contract. Ask your provider if there is a penalty or cancellation fee before requesting a change.

“Every Provider Has the Same Off-peak and Weekend Hours”
Many cell phone providers offer unlimited off-peak and weekend calling hours as part of, or with, the purchase of their standard service plan. Be sure to ask for a definition of off-peak and weekend hours. Times can vary among providers.

“All Cell Phones Can Be Used Worldwide”
Most developed and developing countries have some form of wireless telephone service. The digital networks used to provide this service can differ from country to country, with GSM (Global System for Mobiles) being the one commonly available in Europe. To be able to place a call while you are outside the United States, you must have a digital cell phone that is designed for use on the network in the country where you will be traveling.